The potato comes from the Chilean-Peruvian Andes (America) and came to Spain in 1560, although it was used as a decorative plant, not as food. It was known as the ‘devil’s root’, and had to win Europeans’ trust in order to form part of our diet. The plagues that devastated chestnut trees in the 18th century helped to consolidate consumption, together with its properties and taste. Nowadays we could not imagine our diet without potatoes.



From among the many existing varieties, at Casa da Tulla we grow the Kennebec potato, in three different sizes, and the ‘Carballo Fine’, in two. The latter is a native variety from the Bergantiños zone, characterised by its excellent quality, and hardly surpassed by more modern varieties. Our hallmarks are traditional production and commitment to quality, under the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) ‘Potato from Galicia’.



In addition to their spectacular taste, potatoes are a source of vitamins B6, C and B1; they also provide us with iron, potassium, fibre, magnesium, zinc y copper, folic acid and carbohydrates.


It all started three generations ago, when our grandparents bought the land they had been working on for many years. They, and our parents after them, were crop and livestock farmers. In the 1970s, potato growing was gradually introduced into the area with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, which trained farmers in the area. Our farm formed part of the production of certified sowed potatoes, and took part in the creation of a cooperative of sown potato farmers.  

In 2004 we started growing the Kennebec variety, and in 2008 we became part of the Protected Geographical Indication ‘Potato from Galicia’, which certifies the excellence of our products.

We currently grow the best quality potatoes on 10 hectares of land – the Kennebec and the ‘Carballo Fine’.


We harvest and package our products by hand.
We take the greatest possible care of our varieties, which would be spoiled by mechanical processes.

Natural preservation.
Our potatoes do not contain any added preservatives.

Seasonal product.
We only produce new or fresh potatoes in a natural way, and do not use anti-germinating agents.

We harvest our own potatoes on dryland farms. We guarantee 100% traceability.

No intermediaries.
We sell directly to the end customer, to guarantee the best possible conditions and quality of our products.

Coristanco 100%.
Certified origin. All our production is in the Coristanco area, in the region of Bergantiños in the province of A Coruña.



The lands our farm consists of, like most of the others in our surroundings, in Coristanco, belonged to a family that usually lived in Madrid and rented the land out for crop growing. Our family was one of the ones that worked on this land.


Coristanco, in Carballo (A Coruña), is a name associated with quality potatoes, and so we had to live up to the reputation. We took advantage of the great wealth of nutrients that this soil gives us to grow our varieties of potato.



The potato is one of the main ingredients in numerous recipes: as the main part and also as a luxury garnish. Here you can discover new ways of enjoying our treasured potatoes. We hope you enjoy preparing dishes with them as much as we do growing them for you.


The blending of traditional wisdom, the experience of our family and our commitment to innovation in machinery are applied day by day to the growing and preservation of our products. Do you want to see how we do it?


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Casa da Tulla
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