The lands our farm consists of, like most of the others in our surroundings, in Coristanco, belonged to a family that usually lived in Madrid and rented the land out for crop growing. Our family was one of the ones that worked on this land.

Cereals were stored in
places known as ‘tullas’

Until quite recently rents were paid in kind, above all in wheat or corn. These cereals were stored in places known as ‘tullas’. Lessees from the surrounding farms would come to pay their rent to what is now our ‘tulla’, which is also where the owners lived when they came to Galicia. This is why it is called the Casa da Tulla or Casa Grande de Podrizo, as this was where payments from neighbouring fields were centralised, and it was therefore a meeting place.

We would like to invite you to discover our history, which is hidden within its protective walls.


Coristanco, in Carballo (A Coruña), is a name associated with quality potatoes, and so we had to live up to the reputation. We took advantage of the great wealth of nutrients that this soil gives us to grow our varieties of potato.

Our land is ideal for
growing top quality
fresh potatoes

Casa da Tulla lies in one of the best lands for producing top quality fresh potatoes. We use the resources of our surroundings in a sustainable way to produce a product with an edge. Not only this, but we are also committed to preserving traditional production techniques (crop rotation, harvest and preservation by hand …) and we package our production by hand under the Protected Geographical Indication of Potato from Galicia, thereby guaranteeing the excellence of our products.

Come and visit us and see for yourself!

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